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Why UberPay Mercantile Exchange?

We maintain the large number of companies through which you can make an exchange.

Low commission depending on the companies who exchange money.

Quick exchange amount. From 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on the desired amount.

We allow our clients through a referral system to earn crypto rewards based on the exchange in their referral link

Exchange rates

From - To Rate
Bitcoin (BTC) to PayPal (USD) 454.10
Bitcoin (BTC) to OKPay (USD) 454.10
OKPay (USD) to Bitcoin (USD) 1
Litecoin (USD) to Bitcoin (USD) 1.00
Litecoin (USD) to Bitcoin (BTC) 454.10
PayPal (USD) to Bitcoin (BTC) 0.002172
PayPal (USD) to PayPal (USD) 1